Price Hill is a neighborhood on the west side of Cincinnati with an estimated 1,400 households with pregnant women and/or children under 6 years of age. In Price Hill, children and pregnant women suffer from disproportionately high rates of preterm birth, infant mortality, medical hospitalization, and psychiatric hospitalization compared to other neighborhoods in the county. These adverse outcomes are, in part, due to both disparate social and economic conditions as well as difficult access to and experience with the healthcare system. 

Overall, the neighborhood has a high minority population (42% non-White), including a sizeable undocumented population, a high poverty rate (52% households below poverty line), a high unemployment rate (8-15% unemployment), and a high adult illiteracy rate (10-25% adult illiteracy). Mothers are less likely to receive full prenatal care, children are more likely to arrive at kindergarten not ready to learn, and nearly half of the youth do not graduate from high school with their class.  Implementing sustainable solutions to the burden of health disparities in this community requires addressing these social determinants of health.