In 2010, the community-academic partnership of Santa Maria Community Services and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was borne out of the mutual interest of each organization to improve the health and well-being of children and families in Price Hill, particularly those living in poverty. The partnership co-created Healthy Homes as an innovative, community-driven initiative to achieve this mutual goal.  

In 2017, Healthy Homes Block by Block moved from under Santa Maria Community Services' umbrella of programs and became a separate 501c3 organization allowing services to spread and expand beyond Price Hill. Healthy Homes had a active Community Academic Partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medial Center until December 2018. 


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). CCHMC is a nationally recognized pediatric hospital with a commitment to improving the health of children in the local neighborhoods of Hamilton County, including Price Hill. CCHMC is deeply committed to finding and translating evidence into new models of care for local children, including those that coordinate medical and social care, in an effort to measurably reduce child health disparities.7This commitment is evidenced by the Community Health Initiative, an integral component of Cincinnati Children’s Strategic Plan for 2020 (SP20). The Community Health Initiative focuses on meaningful engagement with community partners and community members in innovative ways to improve the health of and eliminate disparities for children.